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Golden Eye




November 2023

We are thrilled with’s innovative approach to our festival's branding and social media. They have played a crucial role in enhancing our visibility and engagement, making this year's festival the most successful yet.
Samantha Milner
Director of the Golden Eye Festival

Project Overview

The Golden Eye Festival, a premier cultural event celebrating film and arts, sought a fresh and vibrant brand identity to captivate attendees and stakeholders. was chosen to orchestrate a full-scale branding overhaul, encompassing logo design, promotional materials, apparel, and a cohesive social media strategy.

Logo Design

We began with the cornerstone of branding: the logo. Our design team crafted a visually striking logo that encapsulates the essence of the Golden Eye Festival — dynamic, modern, and eye-catching, reflecting the festival’s spirit and prestige.

Color Palette:

The color palette was chosen to evoke creativity and excitement, utilizing bold and expressive colors that stand out in both digital and print formats. These colors have been consistently applied across all branding materials to ensure a cohesive and memorable brand experience.

T-Shirt and Merchandise Design

Apparel and merchandise serve as walking billboards for the festival. We designed a series of high-quality, stylish t-shirts and merchandise that festival-goers are proud to wear and own, extending the brand’s reach beyond the event itself.

Promotional Materials:

From posters to flyers, and digital ads, every piece of promotional material was meticulously designed to capture attention and disseminate essential festival information effectively. These materials not only inform but also excite and attract a diverse audience.

Social Media Post Design:

In the digital age, an engaging social media presence is crucial. We provided Golden Eye Festival with a suite of social media designs, including banners, posts, and ads that are optimized for engagement, driving awareness, and ticket sales.

Branding / Social Media Design

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