Garden of Heaven” Collection – Placemat Set


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This exclusive line of Placemat Set combines cultural heritage with practical elegance.

Location: village of Samtsevrisi, Georgia
Era: 16th Century

Inspired by the 16th-century village of Samtsevrisi, these runners feature intricate floral designs. The legendary “Heaven Flower” is a key motif, symbolizing divine beauty and eternal life. Stylized leaves and concentric circles of flowing stems complete the design, mirroring immortality.

Explore the “Garden of Heaven” collection today, and bring the Republic of Georgia’s cultural gifts to the USA.

Crafted from resilient fabric, this table runner is both soft and enduring. Whether for everyday elegance or holiday charm, it will make meal times with loved ones a little more special. Treat yourself to this delightful table accessory or consider it as a thoughtful gift for someone special.
• 100% polyester
• Full coverage sublimation
• Size: 90″ × 16″ (229 cm × 41 cm)
• The reverse side is off-white
• Blank product sourced from China

Show off your taste and dine in style! Every set comes with 4 high-quality, water-resistant placemats, all with a unique pattern for that special touch. Whether for daily dining or festive feasts, these placemats will add a dash of personal charm to your every get-together.

• 100% polyester fabric broadcloth
• Comes as a set of four
• Size: 18″ × 14″ (45.7 cm × 35.5 cm)
• Customizable front
• Water-resistant
• Hemmed on all sides
• Sewn two-ply for a high-quality look
• Blank product sourced from China

Full Story:
Once upon a time, nestled in the picturesque Kareli Region, stood the 16th-century village of Samtsevrisi, a place where legends and craftsmanship flourished side by side. The village’s artisans were renowned for their unique and exquisite creations, blending history and culture into every delicate stroke of their chisels and every intricate design they etched.

The newest gem to emerge from this artistic heritage is the breathtaking collection, “Garden of Heaven,” which pays tribute to the village’s ornamental legacy. The heart of this collection lies in a singular piece: an ornamental facade, adorned with a floral motif that intertwines with the folklore of the village.

Legend whispers of a flower known as the “Heaven Flower,” a symbol of divine beauty and eternal life. In this enchanting facade, this flower blossoms through the centuries, its delicate petals encircled by stylized leaves, inscribed within both large and small concentric circles, tracing the flow of elegant stems. This intricate design, carried out with boundless imagination, reflects the richness and diversity of the plant world, capturing the timeless essence of nature’s beauty.

As the eyes dance across the ornate decoration, the vivid imagery evokes a sense of profound emotion, connecting viewers to the eternal beauty that lies within the Garden of Eden. This collection, unique in its creation and distribution, is available only through, allowing it to serve as a bridge between cultures, bringing the Republic of Georgia’s cultural gifts to the USA.

Through “Garden of Heaven,” Samtsevrisi’s artistic legacy continues to bloom, its petals carrying forward the story of eternal beauty, life, and cultural richness, encapsulating the splendor that resides within the Republic of Georgia. The collection’s delicate ornamentation is a testament to both the village’s heritage and the enduring allure of the natural world, making it a timeless treasure that intertwines past, present, and future.

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